We specialise in the development of portable interactive media storage solutions.

Our technology is used to deliver Digital Media Campaigns to targeted user groups. We also offer the following services:

Media Services

We have many years experience of providing a comprehensive range of media services. Most of the services we offer cross into both traditional and new media.


Digital Services

We provide a full range of digital services including the basics such as domain name registration, web hosting and Search Engine registration.


Development Services

After fully planning and analysing your marketing strategy it is again our duty to make it work. we work with the most advanced developers.


Featured Projects


We have developed a "portable learning environment" for the education sector.

The project involved the design and development of a bespoke user interface that would be accessible via a password secure, virus protected memory stick.

The device specifically caters for the day to day requirements of teachers and school support staff.


We have developed a safe secure storage solution specifically for student users.

The project involved providing a password secure, virus protected memory device that would enable students to store and migrate data safely.

The user interface developed provides students with access to university and student union websites as well as providing access to a variety of functions that is able to support their educational development.


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